The screaming-it-in-my-head-but-would-never-say-that-acronym-out-loud-in-real-life moments of the day.

Driving to work when a spider drops from the ceiling of my car. It's probably a miracle I'm still alive to tell the tale. Not because the spider bit me. Or even touched me. But because I could have easily crashed the car. It was terrifying. Thank God for the red light I came upon so I could quickly kill the little bugger. Did you know that over half a million accidents a year are caused by insect distractions? Like I said, I could have died. #OMGscary

Surprise! I won the Irish National Lottery! 891,934 pound sterlings, to be exact. Or so the spam email says. Who knew being a mere Internet user could be so worthwhile. #OMGannoying

Realizing a couple more interns have arrived. Let's be honest, I have been incredibly homesick this past week. Which is weird, because I have never been homesick before. But I think it was because I know absolutely no one out here (on the Cape, at least) and so it was pretty much me, myself, and I. Now that some lovely young people my age and in the same situation are here, I have friends. And it will make all the difference. #OMGrelieved

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