Summer goodbyes

Well, another semester has come and gone.
And I say goodbye to my junior year.

It's also the first year I've had a good chunk of friends graduating,
so I had to say goodbye and wish them luck in the real world.
One more year, and that will be me.
A little scary.

This summer holds a lot of goodbyes for me, though.
My internship on the east coast begins in about a week,
but I just finished my previous one last night.

So many kind words said.
So many memories had.
Whether they know it and believe it, or not,
all the people I worked with at The Star Press had an impact on me.

I also had to say goodbye to my roommates.
They are all still in Muncie, and will be for most of the summer,
But I'm already embarking on my first adventure.

In fact, I'm posting from the Denver airport, on just a short layover before meeting my family in Las Vegas.

Just a few days, though, and I will have to say goodbye to them, as well, before heading off to Cape Cod for 10 weeks, then London for 3 more.

I think it has just recently hit me about how much I am going to miss this summer.

Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, farewells...
Looking back at myself a few years ago, I had a whatever attitude and figured phone calls would solve everything. But those feelings have changed.

But it's going to be hard. It will be the first time I'm in a place by myself with nobody I know.
At all.

And I'm going to miss my family and friends dearly, but I know that goodbye is a part of life. And this summer is going to show me how the rest of my life will be if I move away.

I hate to say it, but thank goodness for the Internet. How would anyone keep up with me if I didn't blog/post on Facebook and Twitter/Instagram my surroundings?!

But really, I'm going to keep up with my blog more this summer. And Facebook and Twitter are constants.

Everyone at home will be able to keep up with my summer, and goodbye will be hello before I know it.

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