Let's talk about summer.

I realize this post is a long time overdue, seeing as my summer adventures start next week.

In short, I will be running around nonstop all summer.

First line of business: vacation. We are heading out to Las Vegas to visit my sister's family, lose some money and climb some rocks. And maybe see a show. I'll also get to catch up with my friend Megan who moved out their to work at the Las Vegas Sun after winter graduation. Just a few days of fun before we all head back to work, school...or in my case, Cape Cod.

I will literally be back in Indiana for just one or two days before packing up and heading to Massachusetts for 10 weeks. I am the summer design intern for the Cape Cod Times in Hyannis, Mass., and I am so excited to finally visit New England. I found a place to stay for a good price just a 10-minute walk from the beach (!!!) with a couple located through a United Methodist Church in a village near Hyannis. So I'll be working full time, taking a couple online classes and visiting other parts of New England on my days off. And I think my parents are going to try to make a trip out to visit, too! But when the tenth week is up, I'll be hightailing it back to Indy pretty fast with just a couple days before my flight to...

LONDON. The last three weeks of my summer will be spent in England with a group from the journalism department, reporting on the 2012 Summer Olympics. (Yeah, I'm pretty excited!) I've never been to Europe — or off this continent for that matter! — so it will be quite the experience. Then once we get back to the states, I will be just five short days away from starting my senior year of college. 

But that will be a whole other adventure in itself...

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