Little kid dreams

You know how when you ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up, and the answer is almost always veterinarian, firefighter, or teacher? 

I was in that last group.

And sometimes I wish I would have kept that closer to heart.

I was helping with a Flash workshop the other day, and it reminded me of how much I love to teach people. I've always had a passion to share what I have learned and help others discover their own potential.

Then it really hit home today as I was in an interview for the assistant design editor position with the campus magazine, Ball Bearings. Sometimes I just get going and words just keep flowing out, and I think I was the most honest I've been about my reasons for wanting to be an editor.

Which is why I'm even more excited to already have the design editor position for the Ball State Daily News (the DN, for short) for next school year.

A big part of being an editor is stepping up from being the student, and becoming the teacher.

There are a few freshman at the DN that I trained last fall who have straight out told me that they would be nowhere without me. That they owe their success to me. (While I personally think this is not true — because they would have been awesome no matter what! — it feels good to know that people are receptive to my help, and that I'm doing something right.)

It makes me wish I had remembered this sooner, and maybe have been a double major in journalism graphics and journalism education.

Yet, I have no doubt that one day, I will pursue a teacher's license and finish out my working years in a high school or college, sharing my passion with young students looking to break into the design world.

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