Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but I just was overwhelmed with free time yesterday and decided to catch up on The Hills before the premiere.
And I just have to say: Kristin Cavalleri, get outta here.
The show was so much better when Lauren Conrad was on it.
As for Mrs. Pratt, she looked prettiest when we first met her as Heidi Montag.

Anyways, on to my top 2 favorite things about summer!

I love getting on a plane and getting out of Indiana for a while.
Or in car, or on a boat...heck, I'll take a train!
I always have at least a few places I go each summer, near and far.
This year, I'll be heading to Salt Lake City (once again), Gatlinburg, Bloomington (not very far, I know), and possibly a weekend in Virginia.
Oh, and a couple day trips to Chicago and Cincinnati.
Bring on the sunshine and good times!

I play so much softball in the summer and love it.
I'm in such withdrawal since I've been and school and can't wait to get back on the field.
It's pretty much how I spend my Sunday, Monday, and Friday nights in the summers.
And there's always other little tournaments and added nights. :)

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