Winding down

Just 2 weeks to go.

Last week = awful
I couldn't be more happy that it is over.

This week, well, I'm hoping it will be good.
Less to do, that's for sure.

And then I just have a couple of finals to study for next week.

Then there is the whole packing up to go home thing.
That will be interesting.

Who knows what kind of junk I have collected over the last couple of semesters.
Or how much food in my room has gone bad.
(Something definitely smells funky by my desk. Gross!)
I'll be sure to let you know what I find. ;)

Despite these weeks being the last of the semester,
and supposedly the most stressful,
I don't feel stressed anymore.

And I think I'll be updating quite a bit.
Thank God, because I have definitely been slacking.

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