Extreme clean

2 weeks from tomorrow,
I move back to Ball State
for my sophomore year of college.

Of course, my room at home has been a
tidy WRECK
all summer.

There was a lot of stuff hiding on my floor...

-multiple loads of laundry
-11 dvd movies/tv season (in their cases luckily!)
-4 vhs tapes
-at least a dozen books
-12 magazines
-lots of trash (ugh!)
-about 5 pairs of flip flops

still searching for: my check book (yikes!)

This is just unacceptable.
I don't have this problem when I'm at school.
(I guess sharing a dorm room makes me feel obligated to be tidier.)

Regardless, I am going to try from this next clean room and forward,
to be more organized and clean when it comes to my living quarters.

(God help me.)

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