Longest first week of the semester EVER.

I feel like it should be Christmas Break already.
But, I have made some changes that will make my life easier...
For example, dropping my Econ. class.
But, I'll keep that discounted WSJ subscription ;)

What I will LOVE about this semester:
-living in a suite means i get to see my closest friends even when we all have ridiculously busy schedules.
-I am now a chief designer at the BSU Daily News, so I will be getting paid (very little, but it's something)
-my aerobics instructor is crazy awesome and it should be a good time
-I am going to Denver with Society for News Design next month
-I am in my first official graphics class :)

What I will HATE about this semester:
-still going home once a month to work
-parking on the other side of campus
-expensive laundry

I'll share more new semester fun next week :)

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