Mile-High Exhaustion

I am so tired this trip. Which makes no sense, because I'm getting at least 9 hours of sleep each night in some of the most comfortable beds ever. [This hotel is more than legit.]

Still, I am exhausted, and all I do is listen to lectures, then venture out onto the 16th Street Mall for food, people watching, and just experiencing Denver.

In general, I'm really liking it here. It's so cute, and I love the mountain backdrop. And the fall weather? Amazing! At just 16% humidity, today's mid-to-high 70s felt like mid-60s. It's simply blissful.

I'm also feeling a bit nerdy as well. Yes, this is like a mini-vacation from classes, and from Indiana in general, but I'm not doing the normal vacation stuff. Instead, I'm drifting from conference room to conference room for different lectures and other presentations about visual journalism.

And I love it.

Sure, it's sort of like being in my journalism classes at BSU...but it's different. We are hearing from some of the best in the industry, learning their tricks and tips, hearing their advice on our work, and establishing some good networking for the future.

I have never been more interested in this field, and it just helps me feel more in place where I'm at than ever.

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