And the future gets a little bit clearer

I'm not sure I could be any more ecstatic for next semester!

Will I be in way over my head?


Will I be stressed?


Do I regret my decisions?


See, I was one of the students chosen to participate in a special, immersive journalism project for credit.
We will be working with Circle of Blue, which is a nonprofit journalism initiative that is reporting on any and all water news.
It is headed up by some of the top journalists in the world, and Ball State even played a role in the funding of the founding.

And myself, along with some fellow classmates, are getting the chance to be a part of this great project, doing graphics and reporting and what not.
Not only will we be gaining great experience and working with a cutting-edge initiative, but having work that is nationally/internationally published? Hell, that could be a portfolio in itself!

I'm not going to lie, between this special project class and a huge load of other classes, plus designing for the DN and being a part of SND and AAF, and looking for another job...
well, next semester is going to be hectic, stressful, and hard to say the least.

But every moment will be worth it.

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