College Cooking: Chicken

First lesson of cooking for yourself:
chicken will be your best friend.

At least in my opinion it is.
You can do just about anything with it.
So easy.

So tonight, for my 11 p.m. dinner after work,
I just threw a boneless chicken breast in the skillet
with some spicy brown mustard and let it sauté.

Then I made some rice to go with it.
And snacked on some carrots while I cooked.

It was pretty good, but the flavor didn't hold well,
so I drizzled some Sriracha sauce over it all.

A bit of spice can fix anything ;)

Only complaints:
A lot of the mustard burned on the skillet,
and I can never seem to escape the watery remains
at the bottom of the rice pot.

Oh well, practice makes perfect, right?

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