Post-grad Adventures, Part 2 // London

After we had squeezed as much Beatles history as possible out of Liverpool, our group hopped a train to London. Well, most of us made the train. A couple that ventured off to get snacks caught up with us in Birmingham. Shame, too. We met some interesting people on that leg. (Let's just say fencing in the aisle was involved.)

Going back to London felt a little bit like visiting an old home. It's a great feeling to be some place so far away but have it seem comfortable and familiar. Although, my adventures this time around were much different than last summer when I was there for the Olympics. More touristy, if you will. But it was awesome.

We stayed in the same place as last summer on good ol' Farringdon Road, right up the street from our trusty Tesco, the Farringdon tube stop, and just a couple blocks from the Rosebery Avenue bus stop. (We became big fans of the buses this time around.)

To actually make our time in London tie in with the class, we did a rock 'n' roll tour. Homes of Elton John and Amy Winehouse, Paul's company near Soho, and — of course — Abbey Road. Which, if I say so myself, we crossed like pros. Ryan even stood in the middle of the busy street to snap the shot of us.

(Pretty sure this photo made my dad extremely proud. And still a little jealous.) This image also accompanied Lily's Beatles quiz on the Indianapolis Monthly website.

The rest of our week was pretty much up to our own desires. So, we took a ride on The Eye.

Watched the changing of the guard and OH YEAH, THAT'S THE QUEEN just casually driving through the gates at Buckingham.

Visited Kensington Palace, and the beautiful gardens. (Though, on a very rainy English afternoon.)

Toured Westminster Abbey (which, of course, did not allow photography inside).

Went on a Jack The Ripper walking tour in Whitechapel. (Those alleys do look pretty sketch at night.)

Then ended the week with a bike ride in Hyde Park, and seeing "Wicked" in the West End. 


I've got to say, for just 10 days abroad, it was a highly successful trip. But at the end, you're always happy to return home. Especially if you're the professor:

(For the full photo album, go to Facebook.)

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