You could say it hasn't been the best week. Two parking tickets, a trip to the health center, stressful work nights, little sleep. And that's just a part of it.

Sitting here writing this, my birthday has already squeaked by, ending just minutes ago. And I won't lie, part of me feels a little down. But the other part of me is counting my blessings, and making me realize that even though things may be in a slight, slump at the moment, it is nothing to stress over.

I think back on last year, and I remember just how good 21 was to me. And then I look ahead, to a trip visiting family in Alabama, returning to England for another field study, and then moving my life to California for at least a year. My life has definitely not been lacking in adventure. And I know that so many great things are left to come.

And that's when I remember that those small road bumps ultimately mean nothing. Bad days happen. Bad weeks, even. But it's just a piece. The big picture is what matters. And that's what I'm going to try to remember as I embark on 22.

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