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Sometimes, as I trudge through the busy routine of everyday life, I just get stuck and feel as if the monotony will never end. During these last couple weeks of a relaxed break, though, I was able to see the bigger picture of this past year. So many amazing memories were made, and I truly feel so blessed to have had such a great year.

In JANUARY,  I celebrated my 21st birthday at a concert in Indy with a couple friends.

FEBRUARY, made me an aunt of three wonderful little boys when my newest nephew, Oliver, was born.

I took my first of three trips last year to Vegas in MARCH, my first since turning 21.

MAY was my second trip and full of family bonding, hiking and karaoke. And I got my first tan lines in over a year!

The next 10 weeks of my summer were spent in the land of lighthouses and Kennedys. I interned at the Cape Cod Times until mid-JULY. It was an incredible experience and I loved living by the ocean!

From the end of July into AUGUST, I took a trip across that ocean. My three and half weeks spent in England reporting on the 2012 Summer Olympics was an experience beyond words. Besides getting graphics published in the Chicago Tribune, I got to explore the Tower of London, take some strolls around London and Worcester, and...OH YEAH, watch the USA women win gold from the top of Wembley!

Just a few days after I got back, I began my senior year at Ball State. Crazy.

I started off the holiday season with yet another trip to Vegas in NOVEMBER to spend Thanksgiving with my sister's family in the desert. Then we drove to Phoenix to meet up with my brother's family in Scottsdale, and the rest of my family flew in on the weekend for an early family Christmas.

Just when I thought life had calmed down to end the year, DECEMBER brought good news that ensured 2013 to be just as exciting as 2012. First, my England adventures aren't over! I'm taking a colloquium over the Beatles this semester, and we are visiting Liverpool right after graduation.

And second, I accepted a year-long internship with the Orange County Register in Santa Ana, Calif., beginning in June! I am beyond excited, because California has always been a dream of mine. I had kind of let it start to fizzle, believing that what happens will happen and I was determined to follow opportunity. But then it just happened. And it feels right :)

Just these plans alone get me all riled up for 2013. Between graduation and leaving for the west coast, I know that May will be tough for me. I hate goodbyes. But, I know that everything will be OK.

My other hopes for this year? Just a few simple things:

Read more books, drink more water, pray a little more, complain a little less and just remember to love.

Happy New Year! :)

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