And now all I want to do is reread "The Other Boleyn Girl"

On the last day of my first rotation in London, a few girls and I hit up the Tower of London. And one of them is a huge fan of the Tudor time period. So she was pretty much geeking out the entire time and was basically a supplemental tour guide. Which, of course, our tour was cancelled five minutes inside the gate because the London skies opened up and it poured rain. So Kait and I bought audio tours and just went off on our own.

 Everything was so cool. I love how there is such a huge mix of modern elements and history in the city, just like the Tower is just tucked in the city still right of a Tube station, and it is the only thing that survived in the London fire.

We also got a great view of the Tower Bridge sporting the Olympic rings! Games decor is everywhere in this city (as it should be). You could also see the Shard poking over building almost everywhere you turned inside the Tower's walls.

We saw where prisoners were kept and the graffiti they left behind. 

We saw where Anne Boleyn lived, and then the gates she came through to die.

And we saw the Crown Jewels. Yes, the Crown Jewels. Of course, no photography allowed in there, but it was pretty amazing.

There was just so much history to soak in at the Tower of London. And this is how I like to explore it. I never enjoyed learning out of traditional history books, memorizing facts and dates to spit out on a test. I like to find a piece I'm interested in, and find specific books or movies or places to go about it and take it in for all it is.

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