Street markets: When money should stay at the flat

Just within the week, I have quickly realized why the girls who have been studying abroad in Worcester all summer are more broke than I am.

Some of us hit up the cutest street market ever in London before heading back to Worcester last Saturday. If I had brought any more money with me, I would not be eating this whole last week.

Somehow, I manage to buy just an antique ampersand type block for me, then quickly found a souvenir shop to buy things for my family before I did too much damage on my wallet.

It’s also probably a good thing that this market is only open on Saturdays, and I won’t have any more Saturdays in London. But I’m also really sad about it. Just conflicted all around.

Anyways, it was just oozing cuteness and charm and just look at those beautiful houses.

Yes, I could live there. Except for the fact that I would empty my bank account every Saturday.

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