Hitting the ground running

I admit, I sort of left you guys hanging yesterday. What a tease, right?

Well, today could be a little more of that, but I have two more scheduled posts coming your way over the next couple days, and I'm hoping to get stuff up more regularly after that.

Because, guess what?! The graphics team is finally getting a little down time.

We landed in London just a little over a week ago, and got on a bus straight to the University of Worcester campus. And I decided to combat jet lag by going to bed at 9 p.m. and sleeping for 12 hours straight. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of fantastic.

The next day, we had lots of group meetings, and got a lot of cool promotional materials for BSU at the Games.

Before/during/after these meetings, the graphics team was hard at work. We literally worked for about 14 hours in a hot flat that day. But our work paid off, because we had about four contributions to the Chicago Tribune's special section for the Olympics! (Since then, we have had a few more run, and I had one done solely by myself published.)

We basically felt like straight champs. And we still got up at 7 a.m. to board a bus to London the next day. 

Those first few days were an exhausting, exciting blur that seemed to last a lifetime and no time at all. Major contradiction, I know. We worked hard and basically claimed the basement of the local Starbucks as our own. We didn't even have the slightest clue what the other groups were working on because we were in our own little world.

But man, it is all worth it. The dirty feet, the sweaty flats, the crazy public transportation, the exhaustion, everything. Because London is beautiful. And I'm at the freaking Olympics.

While we may be super busy and working so hard, we are still trying to find time to work in fun London/England/Olympics things. Yesterday, we took a break in Worcester and had some quintessential English tea and scones topped with jam and clotted cream. It was absolutely delicious and such a great way to relax. 

We also went to the biggest opening ceremonies viewing party at Victoria Park, which that post is coming your way later tonight, and a few girls and I hit up the Tower of London on the last day of our first rotation in the city. (Watch for that post tomorrow.)

As for now, I have a graphic close to completion, and working on coming up with more ideas. But I'm also looking forward to having a little chill time and being a tourist for a few days.
Like tonight. We are heading out to soak up London at night along the Thames.

So until next time, cheerio.

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