Rare break in Worcester

As I may have mentioned, the graphics team has been working incredibly hard. So when we finally got a break the other day, we made the most of it.

This was really the first time I’ve gotten to photograph some of Worcester, which is where we stay when we aren’t in London. The University of Worcester City Campus is right near the city center, and the town is Muncie size and quite adorable. Just like that little girl in all pink. That’s my professor’s daughter, Tommy. She dressed herself that morning. Pink may or may not be her favorite color.

A group of us headed down to take a stroll along the river in town and feed the swans. Then, Tommy discovered the fountain. Or as she like to say, the geysers. We were all pretty impressed that she knew that word.

It was all good fun. Until it started pouring down rain. That’s England for you.

I swore to myself at one point that I would never leave a building ever again without an umbrella. I don’t stick to that, and England likes to rub it in my face every chance it gets.

Regardless, Tommy just didn’t care. We all huddle under trees and what umbrellas people had, while she remained the only child splashing in the fountain with rain pouring down.

She was soaked to the core. And despite her pouts and pleads, nobody would go back out and play with her.

And still, she didn’t care.

We finally faced the rain and decided to go warm up with some afternoon tea and scones. I could really get used to having that every afternoon. So good and relaxing.

By the time we left, the sun was back out and the skies were nothing short of beautiful.

Gosh, England. So bipolar.

We did a little more shopping, then headed back to campus to relax, do laundry, pack for London and watch Team USA women’s soccer advance to the gold medal match.

You know, important things.

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