So in true cliche fashion, a week has passed since my OMG last first day of a fall semester!

And in this past week, there are a few things that I like to classify, Twitter style, as #firstweekproblems:

• Realizing that I gained no significant amount of motivation for school over the summer, a weakness further damaged by pesky senioritis. (Yes, that still exists in college.)

• Calculating my future paychecks and finding out that without an off campus part time job, my car payment will be the only thing I ever spend money on.

• Getting back from England five days before classes meant throwing everything in my apartment bedroom and tricking myself into thinking that I would actually have time to deal with it in a few days. Good joke. I can make it to my bed, and that's what matters right now.

• My room was locked over the summer and therefore did not get the annual pest spray. I attribute this to the five spiders found near my bed upon arrival. One is still not accounted for, but got a generous amount of Raid sprayed in the area of his escape.

But it's the second week now, and I am determined to leave these misfortunes behind.

I vow to work hard at staying motivated and better my time management skills; to apply to at least five jobs this weekend before heading home for Labor Day; to clean my room during one of my days off from class; and to believe for my own good that the last spider was demolished in a suffocating spritz of Raid.

Oh, and I vow to blog more this year. Because I epically failed last year.

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