That one time I saw an Olympic event


While our group had no media passes, and most tickets for events still available were set aside for Brits only, there are a few things that you can gather for absolutely free.

So I got up super early with a few others, hopped on the Tube to Hyde Park and joined the crowd to watch the women’s triathlon.

I admit that in the past, I never got over-the-top excited about the Olympics. It was just something that happened every couple of years and I would tune in for some gymnastics and figure skating, and that was about it.

But being here in the midst of everything, it just changes your whole perspective and ramps up the energy by about 500%. Maybe more.

I felt it first while watching the opening ceremonies from Victoria Park. [link to blog post]

And there have just been other moments where it’s just a wave of excitement and I repeat it again: “I’m at the Olympics.”

It’s so cool to see all the Team GB pride. Their energy of supporting their athletes in their home country is just so infectious. And all those kids with Union Jacks are just adorable.

But really, if the U.S. is granted another Games in my lifetime, whether summer or winter, I will go. Just so I can experience this energy all over again on my home turf.

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