Relaxing and reflecting.

If I could describe these past three weeks in one word it would be "whirlwind."

A crazy, exhausting, amazing and Olympic-speed whirlwind. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This trip was so much more than any of us could imagine. We get daily media media reports from our PR team that goes over all content that was published to other news organizations, and it's just incredible to see. From the Huffington Post to USA Today, WTHR to our infographics in the Chicago Tribune, our effort has truly been admired by so many people.

We feel like we really made a statement. And I think we have.

To report as our team has, a group of college students with no credentials going into the field, it is actually pretty impressive.

No, we didn't cover the actual sporting events. We didn't have people front row center in the action.

But we captured the spirit.

And honestly, that's one of the greatest parts of the Olympics, I think. It's not just being the best and winning medals. It's about the world coming together for a common purpose and celebration. It's about being a part of something bigger.

And I know I felt it. Just being here. The energy is insane.

But like I said, it can also be exhausting. Especially when you're trying to be a tourist at the same time. Which is why this weekend and the next couple days, I couldn't be happier to be back in Worcester just relaxing before we head back to the USA on Wednesday.

We've had brunch a couple times at the cutest little place called "Boston Tea Party," and got some fish 'n' chips and cider at a local pub.

We've wandered the streets in town doing some last minute shopping.

And we've just celebrated the end of the Olympics. The end of an amazing effort that was more than we could have hoped for. The end of summer.

I think we're all ready to go home.

But with grateful hearts. 

Grateful to our advisers who made this whole thing happen, and have dealt with the drama and shortcomings yet remained supportive and strong as ever.

Grateful for our peers who were right by our sides, pushing us to keep going and matching our dedication, keeping each other excited throughout the whole process.

Grateful to our families who helped us get here and be able to have this experience at all.

Forever grateful.

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