So after lots of thought and deliberation, I finally decided that there was just no freaking way I could miss the women's football gold medal match. And so many people in our group felt the same way. 

And man am I glad I went. In a word, it was PHENOMENAL. 

In more words, it was probably the best moment of this entire trip by far. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.

Also, we were pretty much celebrities. Everybody stopped us to take our picture. I mean, who wouldn't? Check out how crazy some of us were dressed. (Also, that last picture is from someone at BSU at the Games. Not my own. Just so you know. OK, cool.)

But really, we are probably plastered all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by random people from all over the world because they thought we were the craziest (read: MOST AWESOME) Americans ever.

Even though my seat was pretty high up, the view was great. I wasn't stuck behind a goal and could see the entire field.

And in case you didn't know already, WE FREAKING WON. And I got that Mighty Ducks moment where everyone is singing "We Are the Champions" as it plays over the loudspeaker. Cheesy? Maybe. But mostly fantastic.

Note: I also witnessed another Mighty Ducks reference earlier in the night when a group of rowdy Americans climbed the stairs before the game changing "Quack, quack, quack, quack!" I approved.

So yeah, there I was in Wembley. Watching the USA Women's Soccer Team receive their gold medals and sing the National Anthem with crazy grins on their faces because THEY JUST GOT WORLD CUP REVENGE AGAINST JAPAN AND BECAME OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS.
They are literally champions...of the world. (Hah.)

So, yes. It was unforgettable. As was getting back to the flat. I mean, we were a record crowd of over 80,000 people. Filtering all those people into the Tube station was like Rockville Road in Avon at rush hour. With a four car pile up.

But we made it back to Farringdon. Still pumped. Pretty sure the energy high still hasn't worn off.

And of course, stopped at the local Tesco to pick up some celebratory chocolate gold medals.

Because America.

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