Time off in London (Really, that happened.)

On the first day of my group's last rotation in London, we just took a day to just chill out and walk around the city.

A few of us went to the Tate Modern, and besides gushing over all the awesome art, we were gushing over the awesome exhibit and information design. We are just huge geeks.

After strolling back over Millennium Bridge and walking by St. Paul's Cathedral, Lindsey and I went to the Tube station and headed over to — are you ready for this? — KING'S CROSS STATION.

Sorry, but 11-year-old me was pretty much having the best time ever.

21-years-old getting a picture at Platform 9 3/4 and proud of it. The station was also beautiful inside and out. Magical, if you will... ;)

The next night we headed out to see the Olympic montage on the side of Parliament. It's about a 15-minute presentation about Team GB over the years and runs on loop for about two hours every night. And it's pretty cool. I literally got chills. There are just so many times during this trip that the energy gets to you and everyone just gets so pumped up.

Also, London is gorgeous at night. Especially by the river. My camera just can't do it justice.

On our last day in London, I think I had just about had it with everything. I went out to Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus with Lindsey to do some last minute shopping, and I was just getting super irritated with people in general. I just wasn't feeling the crowds.

Too many people. Too much exhaustion.

I was just ready to get back to Worcester and relax before coming home.

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