Being a twenty-something fresh out of college and just a few months deep in my first postgrad position — in this case, a traineeship — I am constantly field questions like "How's the real world?" and "Is your job going well?" and "California, huh?"

I never really knew how to respond. I mean, yes. California is great, and everything at my job is going well. But I'm kind of stuck in limbo between college and career life, which isn't necessarily the greatest situation. Sure, it feels nice to be slightly carefree for just a little bit longer, but that comes at a cost. And the cost is about to come back and bite me in the ass.

While I'd been galavanting off to the desert every other weekend this summer, work had been deciding that they would soon need to disband the provided housing and pay us a monthly stipend instead. And a tight one at that. And there was me, essentially living paycheck to paycheck, paying the minimum on bills and not racking up any savings. 

Well, I finally faced reality and decided it was time to start acting more like a grownup.

With some encouragement and good advice from a roommate, I made a rough draft of a monthly budget for both the next couple of months, as well as post-provided-housing months. (Which is also when I have to start paying off a loan.)

I've come to realized that though I am not making great money by any means, I am making enough. It just means I have to be responsible with it and not blow it on iced caramel macchiatos and basically anything I come across in Target. 

So here's to new adventures in self control and frugality. And trying to be a little less college, and a little more (young) adult.

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