To the clouds and back

Yes, because for part of the trip,
the clouds were so low,
they swallowed the tops of the mountains!


we just did some grocery shopping,
then let the boys play at the park
while Jenn had softball practice.
Then we ate some Texas Roadhouse
since Jenn was working anyways.
Afterwards, we took the boys and
Jenn's crazy, wild, yet adorable, dog Harley, on a walk.
Well, Harley took me for a walk...

after some party shopping, Jenn had to work again.
Angela, the boys, and I headed down to Draper.
First, we ate at In-and-Out Burger.
The midwest NEEDS one of these!
Mmm. :)
Then we went to the best creation ever...
It was Angela's first time and it won't be her last!

was quite the adventure...
Jenn had an awesome LEGO party planned for Caleb,
an outdoor LEGO party.
Well, thanks to 50 mph winds whipping through the valley,
this was not feasible.
So some last minute tweaking turned the event into
and indoor pool LEGO party.
And yes, it was still a success!
Then after it was all over,
I sought out the Bountiful B :)

we made our trip to the mountains.
We took the tram to the top of Hidden Peak at Snowbird.
To put it simply, we were in a cloud.
Pretty cool when you think about it though...
Oh, and it was snowing.
In June.
Enough said.
We also had a little bonfire that night,
complete with hot dog-roasting and s'mores-making.
Then after I took Angela and Jared back to the hotel,
I headed up the mountain to watch the sunset :)

was our last day,
and we spent it at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT.
I have to admit, this place was pretty cool,
and a great deal.
For just short of 30 bucks,
we got to explore the Dinosaur museum,
pet and feed farm animals,
(the boys got a pony ride!),
go to the Discovery Gardens,
see a free movie
(which we had to pass on because of time),
and got some free ice cream and popcorn.
Like I said, a great deal.

should've been a simple day,
with a flight, a layover, and another flight,
then home by 4, right?
Not so much.
Our flight out of Salt Lake was delayed,
so we missed our connection in Denver.
10 people got on via stand-by on a 2:55 flight,
but not my sister and I
who were traveling with 2 children.
Children should have been a priority.
So, we left on a 7:30 flight,
and got home around midnight...
Trying to entertain two kids for 8 hours
in an airport
is not and easy task.

So while getting home was a challenge,
I still had a great time :)

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