What I did on break, besides being lazy

And trust me, a lot of my time was spent being lazy.

But, I also had a lot of fun with my family and friends at home.

After driving to Chicago to pick up my sister and nephew from the airport (on very little sleep, I might add),
we headed straight home and to Meredith family Christmas.
Seven little boys all with new punching balls is madness.

But I'm sure it was tamer than seven little boys and four grown men
all in one house while the women were at my cousin's baby shower the next day.

Monday, I had my annual girls' night with some close friends from home.

It's always a good time catching up :)


My nephews had sleepovers every night, either at my mom's or my other sister's house.

I woke up to a lovely fort one morning...

And what would Christmas break at Grandma's be without a gingerbread house?

Of course, Grandpa decided one night that it needed a crawlspace...

Jared was less than thrilled.

Jenn and I unloaded all of our childhood from the attic and sifted through it.

So many books, stuffed animals and beanie babies.
Such a hassle to clean up, too.

And then there was that night we diagnosed our family according to astrology,
while my dad was trying to watch a basketball game.

We know he was secretly enjoying it.
It's amazing out spot on these books are.
(But more on that later...)

Later in the week (after it finally stopped raining) we took the boys to the zoo.
And while they are so many cooler animals around,
Caleb kept chasing this guy around the tree until we had to drag him to the sea lions.

And while we would not get to see a dolphin show
because of winter hours,
we at least got there just in time for a mini sea lion show.

We still pet the sharks...

walked under the dolphins...

played with Timone...

hung out in the African plains...

and watched a tiger take a cat nap.

And as if a trip to the zoo wasn't eventful enough for one day,
Jenn and I went to the Colts game that night.
(Thanks to cheap tickets from my roommate!)

It was the first NFL game for both of us.
Of course, between tailgating and the last, oh, 30 seconds of the game,
it was kind of a drag.
Not much going on in the game.
But we pulled through at the end and won!

Then it was Friday, and time to start getting ready for Christmas Eve.
The boys helped Grandma bake cookies.

And then Saturday night looked like this...

but five hours later, it was all open,
so much sugar had been devoured,
and the boys were dressed in new pj's and ready for bed.

Then it was two days of complete laziness on my part.
And then it was back to Muncie.

I'm doing my best to keep busy now, 
working just a few days a week as usual.

And then next week,
it's the beginning of a new semester.

So I have 5 days to break out of my lazy streak.

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