5 for Fridays: By Summer...

So, it's technically Saturday, but since I have yet to go to bed (despite the fact I have to get up for work in the morning), it is still Friday night to me.

Here's my top five things to accomplish before the summer daze arrives...

1. Spring cleaning. Let's face it, I am no where near being a neat freak. I only live at home 10% of the time during the school year, and I still manage to have a room that looks like a tornado whipped through it...twice. I need to clean it up and make room for my stuff that has to come home from school. Plus, I need to clear out all of the junk that I obviously don't use now.

This goes for my car, too. Inside and out. It's awful.

2. Make working out a habit. They say that it only takes 2 weeks to form a habit, but what do you do when you can't last 2 weeks in the first place? I need more discipline when it comes to working out. If I get in the habit, it'll just keep getting easier. The weather's getting nicer, so here's my chance...

3. Cure my procrastination. Hah. That'll be the day. I just need to get it under control. Putting everything off nearly killed me these weeks before spring break, and I want the build up to summer break to be easier and happier. And I'm taking some online summer courses, and I'll have to keep up with those while working and having an amazing summer!

4. Learn to save money. Just a couple summers ago, I had 2 amazing jobs, and I was making up to $400 dollars a week. Where did all of that money go?! I am awful at saving, and it doesn't help that I am an impulse spender. I need better self-control in both areas.

5. Happiness. I need to start summer off with a calm, happy attitude, or else it just isn't going to be good. It's all about mindset. I'll really have to work hard to be sure I will be able to relax and really make this summer count.

Want to be in the 5 for Friday action? Visit my sister's blog at jaggedlittlelife.blogspot.com.

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