Happy Humpday

So I realize that I've really picky about which "Top Two Tuesday" and "Wishful Wednesday" posts I participate in. Oh well. Variety can be nice.

I also realize that my "More Than Corn" challenge is going to be difficult during the school year because my schedule does not fit in with the weather's schedule. However, I originally intended for it to be a summer challenge anyways.
However, I will still be sure to post anything awesome I happen upon around here and tag it. :)

Also, I'm starting to get depressed when I come on here and see my dark background. I love my design, but I think it needs a spring-y update. So look for that soon.

In the mean time, I am being more productive than ever, and am quite proud of myself for it. I'm working on homework BEFORE the night before it is due, and I'm getting a head start on later papers and projects. Wow. Who'd have thought I was capable of non-procrastination?

I think I should reward myself with a passion fruit tea shaken lemonade from Starbucks... :)

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