One little day forgotten, and my 365 day challenge is ruined within the first week. [[sigh]]
Well, sometimes life just gets in the way.

However, my Sunday was not uneventful. I'm sure the highlight was most definitely making spiced yams. Yes, that's right: spiced yams. I was working on a group project about Nigeria, and we were required to make a native dish. Yams are a dominant part of the Nigerian culture, so we decided it was suiting to the cause. After being unsuccessful at finding yams at Walmart, we found them at Marsh. When it came to preparing the yams however, that was an adventure. They are extremely difficult to peel and cut. But, they softened rather quickly while boiling. The mixture of spices we cooked the yams in those was quite interesting: garlic, salt, and cinnamon. To top it all off, we poured melted butter over the finished product and added a couple dashes of cayenne pepper.

As bizarre as this all sounds together, we all decided that it actually tasted good.

Now it is another Monday, and I'm looking at a full week. Friday (spring break!) can't come soon enough.

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