More Than Corn: Preview

I was in my interviewing class today, and we watched an interview with visitindy.com's Under 30 blogger, Breena Fain. She revealed that for the longest time she had imagined beginning her career anywhere but Indiana; she wanted to get out of here. You all know that I can relate in the same way. However, she tells that she CHOSE to remain in Indy, and for a very good reason. She realized that it really was a great city, and growing all the time. She wanted to be a part of it.

I found it inspiring.

Now don't worry. My dreams of life in another city are not erased or altered in any way. Breena did get me thinking though, and here is my epiphany of the day:

Dreaming is good, but how can you live life to the fullest if you don't always appreciate what is in front of you?

Indiana is in front of me for the next few years, at least, and its time I start looking past the corn to find the unique and interesting pieces of this state.

This is my new challenge. At a minimum of once a week, I will dedicate a post to the greater side of Indiana. I have Avon, Muncie, and Indianapolis within my finger tips, and the rest within a summer day's drive. Each post will sport the "More Than Corn" tag.

With my big city dreams on the coast still close at hand and big in my heart, I am going to embark on a journey, stripping down the stereotype of my current home and revealing the fun and unique essence that lies beneath.

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