July 1

I guess I should start of with the ever-so-popular 'where the heck did (insert past month here) go?!' But really, June. You flew.

My current countdowns include three weeks until I am back home again in Indiana (cue state song playing in my head), trying to cram the highlights of a typical Indiana summer into one weekend. Then I'm off to London.

Seven weeks, and I will be starting my senior year at Ball State.

So then I guess you could say 10 months until I enter the 'real world.' Now that's a scary thought.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

June was definitely a pretty good month. My mom visited me out here on the east coast (which, I know, hasn't been blogged about yet), I have made some great friendships with other interns and I am sweating a lot less than the poor souls back in the Midwest.

Based on recent events, I clearly picked the right summer to escape.

However, I also missed birthdays and Father's Day and Indians games and...just things. It's official. Indiana has branded my heart and I will always feel the pull back.

For now, I have 18 - count 'em 18 - days left on the Cape to fill with Kennedy-worthy goodness. Hah.

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