One week

That's right, one week until I embark on my 17 1/2 hour drive back to Indiana.

It's kind of surreal. I always felt like I had so much time left, and then all of the sudden it all caught up to me. (Which of course means I have a nasty to-do list that needs my immediate and undivided attention.)

However, I am kind of glad to be getting out of the house I'm living in, just for the sole reason of the recent invasion of spiders. I kid you not, I have killed right around 50 little (probably baby) spiders in my bedroom within the last two nights. Really. I counted.

So whatever spider decided it was a good place to lay eggs, we are no longer friends. If we're being real here, we were never friends at all. But this ruined any chance.

Here's to hoping that I have demolished most of them by now...

In other news...last night was my first A1 shift at my internship, and there was a fatal shooting! (Yes, I know it is strange that I seem slightly excited, but that's just how we journalists are. Big news is like the best present in the world.)

So it was a pretty exciting (and busy) night last night. And now I've turned right around and am working a day shift. With caffeine close at hand, of course. And trying not to think about all the things I need to do (besides sleep) when I get off. Sigh.

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