It's been, what, almost a month since my mom visited me on the Cape? And I'm just now blogging about it? Whoops.

Well, as my friend so pointed out shortly after my mom left: I have a slight addiction to Instagram. So of course, I documented almost our entire visit that way.

The day she got there, I had to work at night. But we did go to the Kennedy Memorial and I showed her around town a little bit before I went in. And ate some ice cream. You have to do that on Cape Cod. And then I was off to work and had some planning ahead of me for the next couple of days.

But let's start with how I don't generally plan things out. Well, this time around I was straight pro.

I had ferry schedules, T maps and lists of sights to see. Highlighter damage everywhere. I was so prepared.

In the morning we woke up at an hour I haven't woken up at since God knows when. (Mornings just aren't my biggest strength.) And since it's my favorite way to go into the city, we drove off Cape and up to the commuter ferry in Quincy. And let me tell ya, we made it just in time. My bad for not budgeting a little extra time for morning traffic...

Once we get to Long Wharf, we head underground and start our day full of hopping on and off the T.

First, we headed out to meet some family for lunch. And it was not until later we remembered I forgot to take pictures for everyone back home. (Sorry guys, but I'll be sure to get some pictures of the Vaciks next week!)

But after lunch and a good visit, my mom and I started the day I had planned out at work the night before. (Hah.)

And for the record, my dad couldn't make it, but he sent along his camera for us to take pictures for him. So of course, we had to hit up Fenway...

Next, we did one of the most touristy things you can do in Boston. We rode the swan boats.

After that, we trekked a good chunk of the Freedom Trail. As in almost all of it. From the beginning, to the Old North Church. One if by land, two if by sea? Yeah, that place.

Of course, it was my plan all along to end up in the North End for dinner. Why? Because amazing Italian food, that's why. And I love that a lot of the restaurants have the large open fronts on nice days.

After dinner, we were pretty tired. So we just headed back to the ferry.

And even thought it was only my second time in Boston, it never fails to amaze me with it's beauty. I like it there a lot.

The next day it was time to show my mom the Cape. And granted, I feel like there isn't a whole lot to do here besides the beach and trails and things (and we had done plenty of walking the day before, and it wasn't the warmest of days), but I manage to scare up a few quintessential Cape Cod activities for us to do.

Like, say, going up in a lighthouse.

Highland Light in Truro.

Not going to lie, pretty exciting for me, too. I feel like it's just something you have to do.

And since we were already so far out on the Cape, we just continued all the way to Provincetown for some lunch and a visit to Pilgrim Park. (That's where the Pilgrims landed first, thank you very much.)

And my mom got some salt water taffy to take home. And I may have gotten some, too. And it may have gotten melty during these past couple of weeks when it has been really warm and humid in the house...

After we made it back to mid-Cape, we had a seafood dinner and tried to figure out an evening activity. We had just missed the last duckmobile tour, so we looked into an evening harbor cruise. But when we get down to the water, they had cancelled the last one because of weather and low attendance. 

So, we wander out in my car to find the highest point on the Cape, Scargo Tower. And we finally did, and climbed up and it was a good view. But that was about it. A little underwhelming but, hey, still tired from the last couple of days. So I took my mom back to the hotel and said goodbye since I had to work in the morning. 

Oh, and the best gift my mom was bringing back to my dad? Brake pads

Basically, my car had been making weird noises for a week or so, but it had gotten much worse by the time my mom was in the car. So we took it to get checked out. Hello, $500 fix.

Good times.

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