Word of my life: procrastination

Yet, I have been procrastinating in the best ways possible.

(Packing will get done eventually. Really.)

But tonight, making oreo balls for 'State of the Newsroom' on my last day Thursday take took priority.

As for the last few days...

Catching one last sunset on the water.

Winding down after a long Friday at work.

Working my last night shift, and the staff so kindly got a cake.

And then there was catching up with some family from Alabama visiting the Cape.

The last time I was in Alabama and visited Josh and Heidi's family, I was 15. I haven't seen Sophie and Isabelle since they were 2 years old, and I've never met Luci.

I had just caught up with Jon and Bonnie's family for the first time in about six years as well early in the summer, so I hadn't known James or Matthew either.

But while kids are normally very shy, you tell them that this person is family and it's as if they have known you their whole lives. James offered to share his ice cream cone, Isabelle picked me a flower at the ball game, plenty of smiles from Matthew, and hugs and I love yous from all of them. 

So freakin' adorable.

I'm heading back to Chatham again tomorrow on my last night here for another visit. Bonnie will be back with them, and my great aunt, Dottie, will have joined them, too.

I can't think of a better way to end this adventure :)

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