Where are YOU getting your Olympics news?

Yeah, yeah. NBC. I know.

But let's take a brief moment and talk about how you can get some great Olympics stories from some of your favorite Ball State journalists! (I'm not biased or anything.)

I know I have mentioned several times that I am going to London this summer. Three weeks from today, to be exact. Not that I'm counting or anything...

BUT. The important part here is not my excited ramblings, but a shameless PR plug. 

A group of about 40 Ball State students and advisers, myself included, are traveling to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. We have essentially created our own media organization and will be producing original content, including writing, photography, videography and information graphics. We also have a handful of PR students working to promote and manage the brand. 

Now, we will still permit your dependency on NBC. See, we were not able to acquire media passes to sporting events. However, we will still be churning out as much as we can from the press media room and — a place where all the best stories are found — the streets.

In fact, we already have lot of content already up on our website.

SO, to support a very talented group of college journalists as they embark on a journey to a foreign country pursing on of the biggest events in the world, check us out and spread the name:

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