Celebrating eight years of aunthood

Granted, since then, two others have joined the ranks of that little stud pictured with me. But that is my oldest nephew, Caleb. And today, he celebrates his 8th birthday in probably the coolest way possible: spending the day at LegoLand California.

Now, we've been to LegoLand in Chicago, and it was pretty cool, but LegoLand California is supposed to be the Ryan Gosling of all LegoLands. (Or whatever equivalent you may prefer.)

It has a water park. 'Nuff said.

Anyways, my sister wrote a super adorable post about how Caleb has grown this past year, and I am just the proudest aunt ever.

But I am also the proudest sister ever. (Yes, this is about to get a little mushy.)

Some people hear 'teen mom' and you just see that look in their eye, whether it be pity or judgment or whatever. It has started to fade in recent years, but eight years ago still had its fair share.

But my sister shattered every stereotype there could be. I am overwhelmed in college as it is, but she was a full-time mother at the same time. She has accomplished so much and grown up immensely by just shy of 25 years old.

More than I will in the next few years, I am sure.

She still dreams big and goes for what she wants, but never at Caleb's expense. If anything, she is now dreaming big for him.

She has raised an incredible little boy at one of the most difficult stages as a young adult. And I couldn't be more proud of her :)

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