Rain? Ain't a thing.

So despite a steady run of low 50s and rain today — all day — my intern friend Emily and I still did are best to make the best of an adventure in Chatham. But, half the fun about that town is it's beautiful beaches and lighthouse, so clearly we will have to go back with the weather is less depressing. You could barely see the ocean. And the lighthouse wasn't open for tours.

Regardless, we still had a good time checking out the shops on main street. And I have to say, people out here really take their antiques seriously. Most people only deal in the big ticket items. Luckily on the way back along 6A we found a good ol' "antique" store that is half antiques, half thrift so that things are, ya know, affordable. We also hit up a glass studio. On the downside, we missed the demonstration period of them actually blowing glass, but we did find some cute little dish things to buy. Everything was surprisingly a decent price.

The antique store had some good finds, too. An old wooden crate, some "vintage" pearl necklaces. And we snagged a couple cool prints from a couple other stores. It was hard to choose just one from the fun African prints and the beautiful Massachusetts locations. But in the end, I was happy with my loot.

(I also took a couple adventures last week to Boston and Providence, but more on those later!)

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