That moment when you are called out for not being from Massachusetts

So first, a little back story. I'm sure you have noticed from my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feeds that my Dunkin' Donuts coffee addiction has gotten slightly out of control. They are on almost every street corner here and when it comes to self control..I just... I just can't. OK? Literally my favorite coffee. Clearly my standards aren't terribly high.

Anyways, one day when I was ordering and paying, the guy was just like 'So where are you from?' And I just answer casually, but in my head, I'm just like 'WHAT GAVE IT AWAY?!' Were they just so attentive to my debit card that they know my bank doesn't exist out here? Do I have some kind of an accent? What was it?!

So tonight when I'm picking up some coffee for myself and a couple coworkers - because yes, we journalists need caffeine even on the night shift - the guy that called me out was there, as per usual when I go on the night shift. So this time, after I as for a drink carrier, I see him chuckle. And so I ask, 'How did you even know I wasn't from here?' His answer? 'You called it a carrier instead of a tray.'

Oh...my bad? Who knew it could be such a simple thing.

But then I learned about more red flags at work.

When it comes to accents, it's not that I have one that makes me stick out, but rather the fact that I don't have one. And the ever-so-popular debate of "pop" or "soda?" They laugh at me for saying "pop." They seriously think it is funny. Well, I think it's funny that they used to say "tonic" instead of "soda."

And then there is the whole rotary nonsense. I just say, "Well, we call them roundabouts." (Unless you're my GPS, where they are traffic circles.) But I'm about to drop this argument. While they are essentially the same thing, the ones out here are just a whole different experience. We might as well just let them have the different name and consider them two different things. Really, some of the "rotaries" are downright terrifying. Most have no lines and what appears to be no rules. People just do whatever they want. I mean, come on. This just isn't safe.

And just for fun, here are few other "Yankee terms" my extended family that lives outside of Boston told me about. (And this family is originally from Alabama, so I'm sure they had similar experiences, too.)

water fountains = bubblers
shopping carts = carriages
ice cream sprinkles = Jimmies

And direct quote from him: "And the minute you call it the wrong thing, the room goes silent, the theme for Gunsmoke magically begins playing, and tumbleweed will roll through the place."

So needless to say, I am just going to stick out like a sore thumb. And you know what, who even cares. Hoosier pride, ladies and gentleman.

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