Cool stories from the Cape

Though I am a journalism major and should pay major attention to the news all the time, to be honest I slack a bit. But I always notice that when I'm on internship, I pay a lot more attention.

[I know. Duh, right?]

But, this time around is a little different. The Cape Cod Times is a medium-size paper and produces a lot of local content. More than I've seen at other papers their size. Which is actually really awesome.

There's a lot of people from the Cape doing awesome things that I never would have guessed.

Like high school senior Mary Anne Marcondes, whose anti-bullying photo campaign has earned her a finalist spot in the Artists Wanted reception in New York City.

Or Lily Mae Harrington, an 18-year-old from the Cape who is on the upcoming season of 'The Glee Project.'

Then there is Chris Lambton, who was a 'Bachelorette' contestant that married a 'Bachelor' contestant and now they have an HGTV show titled 'Going Yard.' Did you get all that?

In 2010, Siobhan Magnus made it to the final 10 in 'American Idol' before being eliminated.

And then there's the newest star: the Cape Cod Bear. This fella apparently swam across the canal, and has since traipsed all through the Cape, all the way to Provincetown.

Needless to say, there is always something or someone interesting gracing the pages of this lovely newspaper. I'm pretty happy to be here, poor nightlife and all ;)

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